Visionet’s VisiMigrate Helps Move to SharePoint 2010

Visionet’s VisiMigrate toolset allows for data and code migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint 2010 platform using the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 APIs, making it fully compatible with the new SharePoint platform.


VisiMigrate is a state-of-the-art data conversion tool which easily converts application data as per your convenience before transferring to SharePoint 2010. VisiMigrate uses the SharePoint best practice of customizing forms using the SharePoint custom forms templates and migrated applications will remain compatible with the new SharePoint 2010 and users will be able to take advantage of the new user interface features offered by SharePoint.


VisiMigrate allows the user to select and filter available Lotus Notes databases for migration. These selected databases are analyzed and automatically mapped to appropriate SharePoint sites. VisiMigrate automatically creates the target SharePoint site, if one does not exist, or allows the user to select an existing SharePoint target site.

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SharePoint Successful Story

SharePoint Conference Room Reservation System Case Study

The goal of our group is to have a successful system transformation from Lotus Notes into SharePoint Portal site. It was critical to accomplish this transformation in such a way that existing application data and states of the objects are transferred into new system without losing their spirit. After preliminary testing, the system has successfully moved to the UAT phase where it is performing well beyond expectations."

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